PROVENPRO™ 50 Step Home Valuation

Contact us today to schedule your NO OBLIGATION  PROVENPRO 50 Step Home Valuation appointment.  This is an  attentive tour of your home performed by either Don or Wendi.  Our goal is to work along side of you to prepare your home for sale for the highest value possible while meeting the demands of the most qualified buyers as possible;  Increasing your effectiveness while bringing your home to the market.  We have 25+ years of full-time Residential Real Estate experience EACH working with buyers and sellers.  Our experience with buyers  allows us to share unfiltered buyers' opinions, needs, desires and preferences.  As a result of this walk-thru,  we may be able to save you THOUSANDS in preparing your home for sale!  Sometimes sellers focus on the wrong preparations and delay market time and spend thousands on projects that buyers have no preference for.   Lastly,  we have  vetted contractors that can assist you;    Saving you even more time and money.  AND even if you will not be selling for another year or longer, Let's talk!  it is never too early to start preparing! 

While we are at your home, we will use a checklist to evaluate your home. You will then receive a prioritized list of  items to complete to make the largest impact immediately when your home is placed on the market.  Our 50 Step PROVENPRO† Home Valuation covers:

  • We bring the Current Market Value of the home to you.  As is vs. Improved. Backed by data
  • Consideration of what preparations could be made to improve the sale price and marketability of the home
  • How to prepare the mechanical systems, windows, roof and major functions of the home to remove years of usage and prevent inspection negotiations
  • Consideration of curb appeal and staging
  • Safety protocols for your family and pets during showings
  •  Consideration of upgrades made to the home and how this effects the overall marketability of the home to buyers
  • Suggestions to improve showing condition in each room
  • How to prepare your home for professional photography
  • A timeline strategy to maximize the pre-marketing of your home. to get the biggest impact within the first 72 hours.
  • AND MUCH MORE . . .

New style villa patio