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Our "Would Sell List" are homeowners like yourself who WOULD SELL if all of the conditions were right.  This means that you don't need to have a sign in the yard, 3 days of foot traffic and several open houses.  We will only contact you IF there is a buyer that is willing to pay YOUR price and are already pre-approved for a loan.  Further, we network within our REALTOR® Community in Southwestern Ohio to expand the reach of our 'off-market' options. 

 As a Seller this means that you are in control of the timeline, the sale price and the terms of the sale. A less intrusive way of opening your home up to the option of a sale. And don't worry about being put out onto the street.  We would never ask you to move out before you are ready!  AND we can help you find your new home.  Complete the form and we will be in touch! 

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Complete this form ONLY if you are a homeowner that would consider selling their home under the right circumstances